Some things

Winka Wayno Sound System (2016-ongoing)
a ritualistic dada for the dancefloor.

V region Songscape (2014-2015)
Works for piano, voice, max/msp, soundscape & video

Visual poetry book published by Veer Books. London, 2014

Random is not whatever (2013)
Research into the use of cell behaviour as an artificial intelligence model for music composition.
Developed with dr. Carlos Carmona-Fontaine.

Hijos del Cóndor (2012)
Andean psychedelic duo with Keta Fernández.

Tono de Lobo (2010)
Album of songs in just intonation tuning.

Earthquake (2010)
Interactive poem written in html about the earthquake in Chile, 2010.

Concert for String Orchestra (2009)
Performed by Universidad Mayor String Orchestra under the direction of Luis José Recart.

A ta ta papapa ti iii (2007)
Work developed from recordings of the Tapati festival in Rapa Nui island and programmed in max/msp. Premiered at Tsonami festival, Valparaiso, 2007.

1st anthology of Chilean sound poetry (2007)

Cuchufleta Punk (2005)
Album of songs and improvisations for voice, piano, drums & violin.

Contemplación (2001)
Visual poetry book published by Libros de la Elipse. Santiago Chile.


Live in London 2010

Gregorio Fontaine Correa (a.k.a Gregorio Fonten) is from Chile and is currently based in Barcelona. Working with field recording, sound and visual poetry, songwriting and generative/algorithmic computer design for audio and video.

His work has been described as one of ramshackle and unique songs, whose effect is hallucinatory, corrosive; both strange and beautiful.

Freely combining field recording, huayno and cumbia rhythms, sound poetry and microtonality, his music is as much part of a local tradition as his own original creation.

He has been an active exponent of experimental poetry in Chile; with works published in Chile, Mexico and UK.

He has participated in the bands Hijos del Condor and Cuchufleta.